7 Days Earrings Set
7 Days Earrings Set

7 Days Earrings Set

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A perfect crystal for every day of the week.

Colors: Aquamarine Blue
            Crystal White
            Green Garnet
            Hyacinth Orange
            Light Rose
            Sapphire Blue
            Tanzanite Purple

Full Set of 7 pairs of Earrings

Crystals from Swarovski.
Material of Earrings: Quality Brass with 18K White Gold Plating (Extra coating plating 0.05 mil thickness for long lasting shine
Setting: Made with Swarovski Crystals Art.1088 XIRIUS Chaton
Diameter of Crystal: 5.0mm (SS24 x 14pieces)
Dimension of Earrings: 5.2mm x 5.2mm